Whisky Live Singapore – Ladies Room

Believe it or not, Whisky Live Singapore had a room exclusively for women.

Though the thinking behind it seemed slightly sexist. “Come ladies for a little pampering – get your mani/pedi done, facial, massage while your man does the manly thing drinking whisky.” (an imagined not real quote!)

In truth, there were quite a few women at Whisky Live Singapore – however some were the Dictator domanatrixes with gravity defying black high heels, attempting to be ‘eye candy’ brand ambassadors. Vaguely insulting much?

That shared, it actually was nice to have a quiet refuge to relax for a bit. Apparently later at night it became a bit wild as a place for those who over-indulged to pass out for a bit, however when I wandered in, it was a secluded refuge for a little whisky ‘down-time’ before rejoining the fray.


You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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