Feminist twist to whisky?

Around International Women’s Day there is suddenly an explosion of media hype (and advertising) aimed at and about women.

As if women around the world haven’t been doing remarkable things all along.

Which is where initiatives like SheThePeople.TV come in… calling itself a ‘storytelling platform for women’ sharing stories women from all walks of life.

They don’t need one day a year when they have 365 days…


So what does this have to do with whisky?

A funny little pernicious perception that whisky isn’t a woman’s drink.

The first time I was interviewed for the mere combination of gender and alcohol preferences, I admit I thought it all rather absurd. After all, what’s the big deal?

That the little ladies in the corner should get wine or something ‘softer’??

I beg to differ.

I’m proud to be a woman whisky drinker.

And I have terrific company!

So when SheThePeople.TV asked for an interview? Thought what the heck! I’d be joining very impressive group of women of substance simply for sharing a common interest.

You can read it here: Interview – Whisky Lady in India, Carissa Hickling (Pssst – you may be asked to sign in as a ‘guest’ or ‘register’)

Whisky selection

There are even more fabulous blogs of women whisky drinkers out there to enjoy!

If you know more to add? Just let me know in the comments or [info @ everydayasia.com].

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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