Perry Road Peru makes its way to Germany

Ahhh…. road side carts of fresh pink peru (aka guava), cut with a dash of masala is a fabulous quencher on a hot day. Even better… a gin spiked spicy guava cocktail!

Enter the fine folks at both Strangers & Sons and The Bombay Canteen and you have a winning combination. This bottle was a gift which made its way from India back to Germany… eagerly awaiting just the right opportunity to share… Which finally came late November with a friendly small “Friendsgiving” evening just outside of Nurnberg.

The mix was a complete hit – enjoyed immensely by one and all! And I became rather nostalgic, thinking of wandering down Perry road in Bandra, passing the bungalow featured on the label….

Now finally back home in Mumbai for the December break, I’m eagerly counting down the self-isolation days to be able step outdoors and experience the sights, sounds and smells of home!

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