Old Pulteney 21 Year 46%

A year ago, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a master class with Inver House Master Distiller Stuart Harvey.

Our evening featured three whiskies being launched in India:

However there was a special treat waiting in the wings to pair with desert… The award winning Old Pulteney 21 year!

Photo: OldPulteney.com

Photo: OldPulteney.com

Here’s what I found:

  • Nose – Salty spice, all that maritime delight in the 12 year brought into focus, made richer, fruitier yet with a spicy earthy undertone
  • Palate – Super smooth, exceedingly well-balanced, sweet, smoke, chewy… in short delicious!
  • Finish – Light turmeric, a bit bitter yet lovely, made you return for more….

Stuart shared that typically a 21 year would loose 50% to the angels share… noting that generally in Scotland, one loses 2% per year, yet after the 12th year the rate begins to slow down and, particularly for barrels maturing by the sea, can even re-absorb the salty sea moisture, adding to the character.

Specifically, for the 21 year, Stuart noted it is matured in Spanish oak, pairs well with chocolate and, unfortunately, would not be available in India as they have a limited volume. Audible sighs could be heard throughout the room!

Stuart did share that they will be bringing out more single casks in 2016 as “some are worth it.”

As he put it – nothing beats the combination of having a “good cask maturing a good new make spirit.”

Official tasting notes:

  • Appearance – Golden amber with straw highlights
  • Nose – Full bodied with traces of fruits (apples and pears); slightly fragrant with spicy overtones.
  • Taste – Creamy, toffee, vanilla, baked red apple with a hint of smokiness and a dry finish.
  • Profile – Toffee, vanilla, spice, hint of smoke

Want to explore more Old Pulteney tasting experiences?

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

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