Whisky Lady – February 2016

What could be more fun than a February full of whisky tasting adventures?

Everyday Asia

After 25 whiskies in January, you can imagine this month I needed a little ‘catch-up’ time.  Whisky Lady featured posts on both whiskies sampled in February plus the balance notes from January.

Even better, February was filled with three (yes 1, 2… 3) whisky clubs tasting sessions. Anyone who thinks there are no folks passionate about single malts in Mumbai is clearly misinformed!

Glenlivet, Glengoyne, Balblair

1st up was a rather interesting ‘Adult’ whisky & cigar evening with:

  • Glengoyne 21 year 43% – Sigh… we suspect a spoilt cork as something was off
  • Glenlivet 21 year 43% – What you expect from a Glenlivet 21
  • Balblair 38 year 44% – OMG! I’ve gone to heaven!
  • Oh and that Laphroaig 21 peaking around the corner on the left… yeah we had that too!

It was memorable also as ALL corks disintegrated – check out Crumbling cork capers!

2016-02-19 Oak League1

Next with our original club was a special Signatory session. Each…

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