“Relax my love, just drink me now” Westland Single Malt 46%

Next in our “out of the ordinary” North American evening was another offering from Westland. Westland distillery is based in Seattle, Washington and I’ve tried their Hand Filled and more recently their Sherry Wood. In both cases, I was quite impressed with the quality … Continue reading

Whisky Ladies “Not your ordinary North American” whiskey – Shelter Point, Westland + AD Laws

Our Whisky Ladies of Mumbai are no strangers to North American whiskey… we’ve had other evenings checking out offerings from both Canada and the US. What distinguished this evening is that we eschewed big brands to opt for newer  players… What did … Continue reading

BMC go ‘blind’ – Old Pulteney 17 year, Westland Sherry, Amrut Bourbon

Til date, our Bombay Malt & Cigar (BMC) gents have proudly shown off their bottles. And who wouldn’t? We’ve had some rare treats like the Balblair 38 year or whiskies all filled by hand. However sometimes half the fun of a … Continue reading

Westland Cask No 395 Hand Filled 54.6%

Can I simply admit I haven’t yet got on the American craft whiskey band-wagon? I’m just not a crazy bourbon fan… and while I certainly recognise there is some great stuff out there, most American whiskies just don’t seem to float … Continue reading

Exploring Aged Grain Whiskies – Girvan, Strathclyde + Invergordon

Once upon a time if you had asked me to characterize our Bombay Malt & Cigar club, I would have said it was a set of gentlemen in pursuit of the finer things in life. In terms of their preferences … Continue reading