Whiskies shared… India’s own Malt Maniac Krishna Nakula

Each year Krishna Nakula makes his pilgrimage to Mumbai to battle with customs to get his annual Malt Maniacs samples into India. Occasionally when he makes these trips, he brings a few remaining drops from previous years to enjoy with … Continue reading

Krishna Collection – Enjoying a few drams with a Malt Maniac

India’s Malt Maniac Krishna Nakula is a rather fine fellow to dram with… So when we thought July would be a slow whisky month, a few of us decided it would be an absolutely brilliant idea to see if Krishna … Continue reading

Krishna Collection – BenRiach 20 year (1994/2014) 54.7%

Last in an evening with Krishna Nakula, India’s Malt Maniac, was a whisky from BenRiach… BenRiach 20 year (1994/2014) 54.7% Cask No 808 Olorosso Sherry Peated OB for Taiwan Bottle 84/678 Nose – Peaty, sherry, brine, sweet spice, heather and flowers Palate – … Continue reading

Krishna Collection – Glenlivet 19 year (1995/2015) 58.1%

India’s Malt Maniac Krishna Nakula shared another dram… this time a Speyside from a well-known distillery – Glenlivet – from independent bottlers Signatory. Glenlivet 19 year (30 Oct 1995/9 Sep 2015) 58.1% CS No 166951, Sherry Butt, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection … Continue reading

Krishna Collection – Chieftain’s ‘Speyside’ 22 year (1990/2012) 46%

The Chieftain’s Collection is the brainchild of the Ian McLeod company and branded as special bottlings ‘targeted at the connoisseur.’ This particular sample did not disclose the distillery and was part of the Malt Maniac 2015 awards – garnering a … Continue reading