Irish Night – Bushmills Steamship 40%

Our Irish lads n lasses evening moved on to Bushmill‘s newer offering to the travel retail market – Steamship! Susan Dias is our next Whisky Ladies of Mumbai guest whisky reviewer…  What does a Chartered Accountant with a fierce pride in Indian traditions and keen interest in … Continue reading

Irish Night – Bushmills 21 year 40%

Our Irish lads n lasses evening continued with the Bushmill‘s 21 year! Shruti Sutwala is our next Whisky Ladies of Mumbai guest whisky reviewer…  With a background in marketing, Shruti took the plunge to transform her passion for travel into a profession. Her company, TripFolk, curates unique travel … Continue reading

Irish Night – Bushmills 16 year 40%

Next up in our Irish lads n lasses evening was Bushmill‘s 16 year! Fellow Canadian Paula McGlynn is our 1st guest whisky reviewer… In addition to her blog & experiments with Pollywood Vlog (now discontinued), Paula is a film maker with her partner (Gulbadan Talkies) and … Continue reading

Irish Night – Bushmills 10 year 40%

Rather than bounce around with multiple distilleries, our recent Irish evening narrowed its focus to primarily Bushmills. For those not familiar, the Old Bushmills distillery can be found in Bushmills, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and traces its history back some 400+ years. 1st up … Continue reading

Round the world – Bushmills, Beam’s Choice, Kornog, Yamazaki Sherry

By far, the #1 whisky sampling evening I’ve experienced til date was at The Auld Alliance in Singapore. My fellow whisky adventurer and I began our evening with a stop at The Auld Alliance thinking we would have a wee dram there before carrying on … Continue reading