Whisky Lady’s 2015

What a year!

While Whisky Lady started purely for my own indulgence, a few amazing things happened in 2015:

1980s whiskies

Malt Maniac’s 20th in Mumbai

2015 also brought some rather special events:

Sample setting

Amrut’s Jim Murray evening in Mumbai

Most popular whisky posts for the year were:

  1. Party Whisky – Amrut’s MaQintosh – I guess no one else has reviewed this??
  2. The Quandary of the KininVie 17 year – A quandary no more thanks to a sample!
  3. Glen Deveron 20 year – Infamous to us for being outclassed by a 3 year old Japanese whisky Chichibu ‘The Floor Malted’
  4. Mumbai Amrut and Jim Murray experience – Memorable but not for the reason they would want!
  5. Mystery Malt – Ichiro’s Malt Hou-oui – An exceptional blend of discontinued Japanese whiskies from Hanyu Distillery (12 & 20 year) and Kawasaki (30, 32 and 35 year)

20150604_Scotland Quartet

For me what stood out was:


And who is tuning into Whisky Lady? The top 10 countries by views are:

  • No surprise that my adopted country India tops views by a wide margin!
  • US come up next followed by UKCanada & Singapore
  • I wonder who my German friends are?
  • For Australia, I suspect most views come from just two fabulous Tasmanian guys!
  • Finishing up is France, Hong Kong / China and Japan

I would also like to share a special ‘nod’ of thanks to fellow whisky bloggers for their comments and encouragement – particularly Malt Activist, Whisky DenWhisky Waffle, Whiskyriffic (with extra thanks for the KininVie sample!), Whiskey and Whisky.

Any whiskies stand out for you? Anything you would like to see more of here on Whisky Lady? Ideas? Recommendations? I still consider myself a novice in the world of whisky and welcome words of wisdom from fellow whisky explorers!

Most important – wishing you a very Happy New Year – may you drink a quality dram over quantity!

Airport offerings (Whisky Lady)

Airport offerings (Whisky Lady)

For more 2015 highlights, check out WordPress 2015 Annual Report or delve into the details shared in Everyday Asia’s monthly Whisky Lady summaries: December delightsNovember noveltiesOctober offeringsSulty SeptemberAwesome AugustJuly journeysJune joyMay merrimentApril adventuresMarch madnessFebruary funJanuary journal.

You can also find Whisky Lady in India on:

2 thoughts on “Whisky Lady’s 2015

  1. Happy New Year to you too! Lovely summary! Who knew 2015 was so busy?! Looking forward to your whisky words in 2016. I see next year as a time to focus on finishing some of the bottles I’ve got open and getting to some tasting events (finally!). Also I’m moving away from collecting big bottles and focusing on miniatures. This is partially so I can quickly finish the ones I open and I need less space to store the ones I want to keep. It’s going to be an interesting year, especially if some of the new distilleries release something. I was expecting Daftmill to have something on the market by now.

    Have a fantastic 2016!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Who knew! Only realised how much when I wrote the summary. 🙂

      My trick to finishing bottles is throw the occasional whisky “emptying” evening… with a few folks who enjoy a good dram. Have no doubt your friends would enjoy that too! 🙂

      That said, would love to find more interesting miniatures or the best is those 180 – 200 ml bottles as they are enough to share! I wish more distilleries would cater to the curious with a mini ‘try’ before you buy the whole big bottle.

      Hope you also have a fantastic 2016 and look forward to reading about any tasting events you get to as well as your regular posts too.



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